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Merit Interiors - Boost Productivity with 5 Interior Fitout Tips

How does Office Design improve productivity?


Improving employee performance can be a challenging endeavour – a key element to be aware of is that each person is unique, and responds differently to motivation techniques; and different agile zones within a fit-out.

Workplace design has a significant effect on your employees’ mood, wellbeing, and overall productivity –
keep things fresh by establishing unique zones for operational tasks, recharging, socialising, and topping up their motivation supply. The change in scenery will stimulate their creativity by introducing fresh elements that spark new trains of thought.

So, how does office design improve productivity? Continue reading to find out.


1. Get social


Human beings need social interaction to remain sane, and this holds true at work. Establishing clear-cut areas for employees to take lunch, chat over a coffee, or hold informal meetings is vital to maintaining office morale. These zones, in particular, should be inviting, comfortable, and free of work-related concerns to be conducive to employee wellbeing.

If workers get the opportunity to disconnect from their work and engage with the outside world – they will return to the office refreshed and ready to perform at their best.


Bambora Breakout Zone. Source: Merit Interiors




2. Light it up


Lighting has been proven to be one of the workplace factors most influential on productivity.

A poorly lit workplace may subject your employees to tiredness, sore eyes, headaches, and overall irritability that compromises performance. Ensuring the office is well-lit has been found to decrease the number of absences, and more importantly, increase employee satisfaction and well-being.

Encouraging the presence of natural light creates a warm, welcoming environment that your employees will want to work in. Natural light helps promote brain activity and alertness in staff.




3. Workstation comfort is key

Empower your employees to work at their full potential by understanding their requirements and supplying suitable furniture and equipment. Sitting, in particular, for long periods of time is not only uncomfortable, but it can lead to pain or serious back, neck, and shoulder injuries.

It may seem obvious, but something as simple as providing an adjustable chair for your employees can encourage good posture and reduce the prevalence of back-related sick days. Ensure you cater for all staff sizes within the fitout, allowing for some XL and S chairs for those who are not within the average size range.

We recommend standing desks as a scientifically supported alternative that not only holds long-term health benefits but also presents a welcome change of scenery that stimulates the cognitive skills of your employees. However, we strongly suggest having a few members of staff educated on how best to use a sit-to-stand desk so they can assist others.


The Commons have implemented Standing Desks

The Commons Standing Desks. Source: The Commons



4. Colour me happy

Curating the right atmosphere through colour is an effective way of stimulating your employees’ performance and creating a welcoming work environment. Your workplace colour palette can contribute to stress reduction, improved creativity and morale, and the discussion and expression of ideas.

Consider the needs of your office based on the type of work and tasks your employees are undertaking – blue tones help to promote activity and movement and encourage people to speak out in boardrooms or during presentations. Reds and pinks set the scene for a more charming and intimate atmosphere, or for promoting ambition, fire and passion. See our article on interior design colour schemes here.


Bambora Sydney Fitout. Source: Merit Interiors



5. Eye candy

Office work doesn’t have to be boring. Introducing visual stimulants not only makes the work environment more enjoyable, but it also provides elements for inspiration that will boost productivity.

It can be achieved through statement lighting, great joinery/structural pieces, mirrors, artworks or murals, graphics/wayfinding and so much more. Encourage your employees to take pride in their office – make it a space that they’re excited to show their friends, family, or clients, and this will, in turn, improve their motivation to go to work.


Bambora Sydney Fitout. Source: Merit Interiors



The rewards are worth the effort

Creating an enjoyable, comfortable, and inspiring workplace, is vital to maximizing productivity and is easily achievable by refining your interior fitout. It is also critical to arrange and plan the office correctly, ensuring your staff can easily access team members and the zones they need to fulfil the requirements of their job.


Collaborate with employees to establish a physical environment most suited to their work, and watch motivation and well-being soar.


We have designed a package and briefing analysis tool to help you achieve just this. Get a great understanding of your staff needs, business requirements, and the best ways of creating the most productive work environment by contacting Merit Interiors at



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