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Interior Design and
Fitout Services

Discover the complete spectrum of Merit’s project management, office design, and commercial fitout services

When Merit Interiors takes on a project, we’re committed to the entire journey.

From the initial spatial assessment and interior office design to installation of the final fixture, we’re there managing your project - ensuring every detail is taken care of and each aspect meets our (and your) high standards.

We love what we do - and we think we’re really good at it. Our passion and knowledge is reflected in our outcomes, which we are proud to share. Explore our fitout services below.

Explore our fitout services

Office Fitout and Built

Office Fitout and Built

Your office fitout built on innovative designs that maximise space and functionality

Where others see empty floor space, we see opportunity.

Working collaboratively, our office fitout services help you envision your new office, taking into account your business needs and helping to uncover opportunities to help maximise functionality and flexibility.

Liaising closely with your team of builders, architects, and other valuable trades, we ensure your office fitout is completed to the highest standard, keeping your business, people, and culture front of mind.

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Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design

Commercial interior design services that breed innovation and collaboration

For more than three decades, Merit’s talented team of interior design professionals has been delivering unique, inviting, and contemporary interior design solutions to offices across Melbourne and Sydney.

Coming to work should be a positive and motivating experience – and your surroundings heavily influence that.

Invigorate your team with open, calming, and comfortable interiors: explore intelligent workspaces that promote collaboration, creativity, and employee wellbeing.

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Project Management

Project Management

We manage every detail of your project using the tools, know-how, and nous we’ve developed over the past three decades in the industry

Our skilled team of project managers liaise directly with the end client and ensure every stage of the project is completed to the highest standard.

Meticulous management is critical to achieve project milestones and deadlines.

Agile and adaptable, our experienced team uses their knowledge and know-how to refine processes so you can enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish.

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Spatial Assessment

Spatial Assessment

By assessing your current office space design and workplace culture, we uncover opportunities to transform it into a place of productivity and inspiration

One of the most important aspects of your office fitout and design, our space assessment service uncovers how we can ensure your space reaches its maximum functionality potential.

Understanding how you use your workspace now – and critically, how you wish to use it in the future – is at the heart of our spatial assessment and design service.

Exploring your business spatial needs is a critical part of the design phase.

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Our Skills Align to Achieve Your
Business Objectives

Merit’s multi-faceted approach ensures our interior design services in Melbourne and Sydney are geared towards achieving multiple business goals.

Cutting-edge design

Be seen as up to date with collaborative spaces that foster creativity and encourage innovation.

Keeping up with the latest trends ignites the fire beneath us, and ensures that we continue to deliver adaptable and agile workplace solutions that amplify your brand’s value and culture.

Enhanced functionality

At its core, your workspace needs to be functional and practical.

Whether it’s room for lively collaborations or designated areas for focused, independent work, your workspace should reflect the functionality your team needs to succeed.

We tend to your people’s needs so that when they come to work, they’re ready to thrive.

Improved staff recruitment
and retention

First impressions speak volumes. When a potential new recruit visits your workspace for the first time, they’re being introduced to their potential new office.

Creating an inviting, positive, and inspiring setting makes a lasting first impression that will resonate with your prospective recruit.

Reinvigorated employee productivity

The influence of the physical working environment cannot be ignored or undermined when it comes to employee engagement, communication, and productivity.

At Merit, we’re passionate about creating flexible and comfortable workplaces designed to inspire you and your team, giving people the freedom to work the way they want.

Revamped workplace culture

The simple fact is that positive work cultures are more productive.

A highly influential driver of business success is happy and supported employees. A positive workplace culture has flow-on effects for employees, employers, your own customers, and your bottom line.

Positive brand perception

Does your office environment accurately reflect your brand?

Branding is something most businesses will invest heavily in. But have you ever considered the importance of your workplace when it comes to influencing and reflecting your brand’s values, mission, and messaging?

Whether you want to promote community, position yourself as an industry leader, or create a high-end, relaxing, and inviting space, your workplace speaks volumes and holds massive influence over others’ perception of your brand as a whole.

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