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A commercial office fitout built on design.

We honour our designs by bringing them to life through a premium build and fitout. Execution is everything.


Great design can only be realised through a commercial fitout and build of equal quality. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing premium interior design let down by lacklustre execution – this isn’t something you would experience with the Merit Interiors team.

Our interior designers are involved every step of the way, ensuring your office fitout is befitting of their design and your vision.


Bringing design to life is what Merit Interiors is renowned for

Thirty years in the industry has placed Merit Interiors in an enviable position, with strong connections with commercial fitout suppliers and professionals – our extended team. This ensures we have access to select people and products for your office space, and your project receives the respect and delivery execution it deserves.


A balance of structure and style

Getting the balance right between form, furniture, lighting and colour is what we do best. We consider every detail from natural light and the flow between spaces to the style of furniture best suited to your practical needs and brand aesthetic. Your budget will always have its role to play, so we ensure our recommendations are achievable within the financial scope of the project.

Today’s marketplace is ripe with innovative alternatives to the status quo. We now have access to flexible, moveable, modular furniture solutions – even the office wall can become a note taking feature. Standing desks, chill-out zones, meditation pods, and collaboration rooms are all considerations for the modern office – we’re limited only by our imagination.

Of course, your budget will also play a role in the decision-making process, so we ensure our recommendations are achievable within the financial scope of the project.


The right people for the job

The build and fitout forms a large part of our Project Management plan, requiring on point coordination and organisation to ensure a smooth execution.  Our keen eye for design is just as focused on the minute details of the project plan. Like you, we’re professionals who take great pride in our work.


Start a discussion with Merit for your Office Fitout & Build

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