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Office Interior Design Melbourne and Sydney

When inspiring design surrounds you, it’s only natural to want to achieve, be,
and do more

There’s a vast difference between an office fitout and a space fit for a community – you can recognise it, instantly.

Our team of talented office interior designers in Melbourne and Sydney know only too well how to achieve this response through design, combining years of experience with impeccable style and insight into commercial settings.

What makes a good
office design?

A clear scope of work

Your scope of work is layered, detailing your business goals and each step required to reach these goals. It also includes solutions that solve your current business problems and fill the gaps of what you think is missing.

A clearly defined scope of work ensures you can see how your budget is being allocated, and when work is expected to be completed. It also provides flexibility for clients wanting to stage the transformation of their office over a period.

Your Merit Project Manager liaises with all relevant trades and ensures your project is completed on time and within budget.

People-centric thinking

Merit’s proven processes connect the workplace to the team, empowering employees to work how they want. And when you give people this freedom, you can enjoy a positive and productive work environment.

Sustainable, eco-friendly choices

Sustainable practices are at the forefront of any modern office fitout projects. These thoughtful choices not only save energy and resources, but also positively impact employees’ wellbeing.

Future-proof design

Future-proof your office space with solutions that support and adapt to changing trends, dynamics, and habits of your workforce.

We understand the impact that responsible design will have on the people within these spaces, and it’s that drive and motivation that inspires us to create not only for now, but for the future, too.

High quality finishes

With a focus on the latest styles, trends, and methodologies, we are continually ahead of the curve to make sure that the solutions we implement meet our high standards.

Centred on the human experience, our designs are agile, adaptable, and fluid. We achieve the extraordinary through careful planning and meticulous execution.

Searching For a Commercial Interior Designer in Melbourne
or Sydney?

Explore a commercial office fitout built on function and design

As one of the industry’s most established interior design firms in Melbourne and Sydney, we’ve seen on countless occasions the effect an intuitively designed workplace can have on both staff and customers.

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