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We assess your current office space design and culture, and explore the possibilities for transforming it into a place of productivity and inspiration.

Understanding how you use your workplace now and plan to use it in the future will form the basis of our commercial space design. Our Spatial Assessment and Office Space Design service, considers everything from structural limitations to the way people move and teams grow within the office. It’s as much about business strategy as it is about design.


Office Space Design for productive people

We make it personal and multi-purpose. No two workplaces operate the same, so together we assess the type of working environment you want to create and the design elements that will allow your people to work at their most inspired and productive level.


Designing for the future

Our assessment extends to the future needs of your business, ensuring our design solution supports your long-term vision.  We factor in things like workforce expansion, current office floor plan, time spent in the office, hackable structures, productivity zones, tenancy duration, and a host of other considerations that could influence design decisions and the efficient running of your business.

Gone are the days of permanent desks, closed doors, stark lighting, and artificial plants. Tomorrow’s office is a flexible, moveable, living organism that can evolve at pace with its changing workforce.


Designing for morale

People work better when they feel happier in their environment – you can feel it the moment you walk into the room, and clients pick up on this too. A Spatial Assessment also considers how your customers interact with your commercial space and plan design. The way your office makes them feel and the perception they have of the team environment speaks volumes about your culture and professionalism as a business and your identity as a brand.