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Workplace Design
and Planning

We assess your current office space design and culture, and explore the possibilities of transforming it into a place of productivity and inspiration

Corporate office space planning is a critical step towards optimising your layout but also is crucial in creating a floor plate that supports your culture and vision.

Interior spatial assessment and planning is a key service delivered at the onset of your fitout, and involves assessing not only your layout and office space floor plan, but also your workplace culture, your people, and your future.

This critical information forms the basis of our office space planning and design.

Whether you’re gearing up for change, are expanding, or simply want to refresh and reinvigorate your office space, the success of your office fitout begins with a strong foundation.

How Do You Design
an Effective Office
Space Layout?

Your office layout should be functional, accessible, and beneficial to all those working within it.

There are five key elements Merit will examine when it comes to assessing your space and designing your impressive new office.

How your team works

A deep dive into the daily operation inside your business helps us understand:

  • How collaborative or independent your work requirement is
  • How much time is spent on focus tasks
  • How much time is required for quiet tasks
  • How many team members you have and what interaction is required
  • How much time is spent in meetings

Static elements

Static elements are fixed parts of your office space that will remain in their current location, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas. We may also retain private spaces like offices or conference rooms.

Elements that will be removed or replaced

This can include walls or partitions to create a more open-plan, collaborative space.

New furniture and fixtures

In addition to the basics like workstation units we must also consider other critical assets such as printers, whiteboards, and storage space.

Fitout elements

Fitout elements include any sort of electrical requirement you need to get connected. This can include new wiring, data cabling and sound systems, as well as safety considerations like CCTV and alarm systems.

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