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Custom-designed for change, collaboration, and stronger workplace culture.




780m2 across two levels


Workplace & Office

The Challenge

After delivering high-quality office fitouts for Adroit Insurance & Risk in the past, our challenge was to design and construct its Head Office interior in a way that set it apart from Adroit’s operational branches and supported the company’s new way of working.

What we did

Merit worked with Adroit to understand and analyse its immediate and long-term needs from the space, its budget, and change management strategy. From these early discussions, we designed a proposal that would meet our client’s budgetary requirements and deliver an environment that was conducive to an open-plan layout, cross-team collaboration and positive workplace culture.


Transitioning from closed-door offices to open-plan

We supported Adroit’s decision to transition from individual offices to an open plan work environment by getting to know its workforce needs and understanding any limitations. We invited staff feedback via a survey and consultation and discovered that many were concerned about noise and privacy.


Merit met these concerns with custom workstation screening that controlled the acoustics and provided privacy while maintaining a sense of openness and approachability between teams.


Deliberate zoning

Within the two floors, Merit designed purpose-inspired zones for collaboration, focus, unwinding, and entertaining.


Places to focus

We incorporated quiet rooms into the design to ensure staff had somewhere to complete focus-based tasks away from the open-plan office environment.


Space to collaborate

We designed zones for collaboration, with custom seating and furniture, whiteboards, a TV, and acoustic wall treatments for optimal noise control.


“My favourite space would be what we know as the Latrobe Room – it’s a collaborative space. We’ve got a beautiful round table; there’s beautiful seating. It’s just a room that enables us to work great as a team, and we’ve actually already had results and success in ideas and future steps out of that room.” Fabian Pasquini, Managing Director



Kitchen and breakout areas

Two beautifully equipped kitchens provide ample space for staff to step away from their desks and connect over a meal or meet for coffee.


Flexible, multi-purpose rooms

A highlight for Adroit is its multi-purpose Board Room on the first floor. A 7-metre operable wall in the centre of the floor plate can open up the already generous room into a space suitable for cocktail functions, collaborations, all-staff meetings and training events.


A dedicated reception area

We designed Adroit’s dedicated reception area to provide a secure, stylish environment for staff and a positive first impression for guests.


‘We walk in here in the mornings – they’re all smiling, they’re all happy – I’m seeing a lot more interaction between our people and our teams as a result of workspaces that we’ve created.’ Fabian Pasquini, Managing Director



Custom storage 

Merit incorporated full height, floor to ceiling custom storage into the design, including secure lockers, lockable storage and filing space.


Materials and the movement between spaces

We created a natural flow between spaces with the use of curves, textures and beautiful finishes, and differentiated zones through colour and flooring variations. Feature flooring worked to both separate the client-facing and ‘back of house’ areas, and reflect the soft curve of feature walls and detailing.

Merit successfully differentiated between zones without losing the overall connectivity of the two-floor premises with consistent styling, use of light, and common features such as the vertical wall panelling.

The Result

‘The way that it’s been designed, from an interiors perspective, reflects part of our culture and where we’re heading to in the future.’ Fabian Pasquini, Managing Director


From the very beginning, Adroit was strongly focused on creating a space centred around collaboration and inspiring greater communication between its Head Office teams. We’ve successfully delivered on this ambition by listening to our client’s needs and custom-designing an environment that works for them now and will support their new style of working in the future.

"We walk in here in the mornings – they’re all smiling, they’re all happy – I’m seeing a lot more interaction between our people and our teams as a result of workspaces that we’ve created."

Fabian Pasquini

Managing Director

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