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Boldly designed to connect all company departments to collaborate with clients as one.




Workplace & Office

The Challenge

As a company focused on excellence, AKS Industries required a head office that exhibited the strength of their brand identity. AKS Industries selected Merit Interiors as they recognised the importance of working with a Design and Construct firm already familiar with their company’s personality and goals.

Our challenge was to design and construct the company’s head office to make a bold industrial statement, all the while leveraging the space’s layout to accommodate streamline collaboration between warehouse and office staff.

Having built a trusting and long-standing relationship with the business while taking care of their office fit outs for the past twenty years, we were ready and willing to collaborate with AKS Industries to turn their head office dreams into reality.


AKS Merit Commercial Interior - Boardroom

What we did

Merit worked with AKS Industries to first establish the intention for the space, discussing a variety of office interior design ideas before deciding which was best. To align with the client’s desire of creating a multi-functional hub of inspired collaboration, we then designed and developed an edgy and elegant commercial interior workplace with a high-end industrial twist, one that champions modern design while simultaneously celebrating the base build elements. Anchored in the strength of our design intent, the new and improved office fit out features hard-wearing materials to create an environment that is as durable as it is deluxe



Working with multi-level interior design


To allow cross-departmental collaboration to occur with greater ease, we included a 6 metres high central staircase as a hero design feature to seamlessly connect the head office’s two levels.

Working with this multilevel corporate office design layout also allowed us to incorporate more of the building’s industrial heart into the interior by installing raw concrete panel cladding to vertically connect the two floors, a striking feature that stands as a significant element within the overall office design.


Kitchen breakout areas


At the core of the AKS Industries philosophy lies their loyal commitment to their

customers, their community, and their families. To support this people-focused company culture, we included multiple modern kitchen breakouts designed to accommodate 50+ staff members. This fit out feature allows staff to gather together with ease for social downtime in between meetings. After all, boosting productivity is as much about well being as it is working hard.




Space to collaborate


To keep open collaboration at the core of company culture, the management team of AKS Industries are now positioned at the nexus of their corporate office layout. With management centralised within the interior, collaboration can now take place more seamlessly between all surrounding teams and sub-departments.

To further encourage and support greater productivity, Merit also infused the office interior with a series of well-positioned amenities, of both a practical and innovative nature. This was of particular importance on the ground floor of the fit out—adjacent to the factory—where industrial-grade showers, lockers and restrooms were included without compromising on the interior’s distinct design flair, ensuring all zones within the design seamlessly aligned.




Movement between office zones


To finetune the industrial element of the interior design, and to add a further touch of uniqueness to the layout, we incorporated exposed ceilings throughout. By ensuring the seamlessness of all ceiling details and junctions, we were able to orchestrate an outstanding and borderline brutalist finish while capitalising on the building’s height to open up the interior space.



Turnkey fit out project management


As a company, AKS Industries delivers the competitive advantages their clients need to excel. At Merit Interiors, we pride ourselves on working to a similarly stellar standard, which is why the interior design for this commercial office was planned and orchestrated seamlessly within the parameters of a short project timeline.

Working to a tight deadline, we delivered the commercial interior fit out while the building was under construction, liaising with AKS Industries each and every step of the way. By keeping all lines of communication open and fluid, we were able to implement real-time value engineering while simultaneously ensuring that each design detail was delivered according to our original plan.

When it comes to office interiors, we appreciate the future costs that can result in cutting corners and the importance of design integrity, which is why we worked closely with AKS Industries to honour the corporate office design layout originally proposed. This honest collaboration provided an uninterrupted rhythm that set the tone of the entire process, allowing our client to move into its new head office on the same day as they completed work on the building’s base construction.



Adding touches of nature


Working in complementary contrast to the company’s industrial aesthetic, Merit made use of rich walnut timbers offset by a colour palette of warm, welcoming tones. To capitalise on the building’s prime position—with the nearby mountains in its line of sight—floor-to-ceiling windows were also installed to treat staff and clients to uninterrupted views of the You Yangs in the distance.

Enriching the office ambience even further are botanical features dispersed throughout via planter units positioned by workstations to provide staff members with the benefits of working closer to nature.


The Result

From the very beginning, AKS Industries was strongly focused on creating a space that fostered more interconnected collaboration between each of its departments. We successfully delivered a head office interior design that houses and inspires the company’s office and factory workforce within one facility. Custom-designed for both digital and in-house collaboration—thanks to internal video conferencing and booking systems seamlessly featured throughout—the new AKS Industries head office has been keeping the company’s workforce motivated since its official opening. A strong sign of its potential to inspire well into the future.