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Merit Interiors delivered a vibrant, uplifting space where Bendigo Bank’s Head Office staff could balance work and wellness in a reimagined office environment.






Workplace & Office

Merit Interior Design for Bendigo Bank - Top View
The Challenge

Our greatest challenge involved refurbishing over 7,000sqm of office space (including demolition) while staff were still using it to conduct business. We were able to work collaboratively with the client to ensure the project was completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to Head Office operations.

Merit Interior Design for Bendigo Bank - Desks
What we did

Adaptable desks

Merit reconfigured the functionality of the existing workstations by installing new sit/stand desks and joinery – providing a more dynamic set up with greater flexibility for staff to work comfortably and more effectively.

An inspirational colour scheme

We introduced a spectrum of dynamic colours to the brand palette – reflecting the uplifting energy and culture of Bendigo Bank’s workforce. The colour scheme also helped define the zones within the space. Clearly defining zones for work, restoration, and socialising.

Defined breakout spaces

Bendigo’s breakout areas were rejuvenated with new facilities and a vibrant fitout. New end-of-trip facilities we incorporated into the design to encourage staff to ride or walk to work – supporting the company’s goal of inspiring an active, healthy workforce.

Technology upgrade

The refurbished office also included an upgrade to technology, including new state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment. This was all part of Merit’s project management brief, which was carried out with great success.

Merit Interior Design for Bendigo Bank - Breakout Zone Merit Interior Design for Bendigo Bank - Change rooms Merit Interior Design for Bendigo Bank - Change rooms 2
The Result

Bendigo Bank’s rejuvenated Head Office is now a flexible, personalised work environment that is primed for productivity and beautifully aligned with the company’s vision for a dynamic, healthy workforce. The fluidity between spaces allows for easy communication between teams and caters of the diverse needs of its staff and the range of operational activities within the branch.