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The Commons have implemented Standing Desks

The rise of the agile workplace has inspired out-of-the-box thinking in interior design the world over. And with the office design revolution making its mark on everyone from the big guys like Google to the humble freelancer, we’re putting the spotlight on a workplace staple that anyone can introduce to their work environment – the standing desk.


As the side effects of sitting for 8-hours a day are becoming better known, more employers are encouraging their staff to get up from the desk and get the blood and collaborations flowing.

A standing desk is one versatile piece of furniture that can influence mobility, with added long-term health benefits.


Backed by Science

Recent studies by Arizona State University confirm the obvious – that making a move from sedentary office scenarios to a standing desk arrangement can improve employees’ health, mood, and productivity.

Professor Glenn Gaesser said, ‘the physical and mental arousal that occurs when people end their seated stillness and stroll, pedal or stand up improves attention, memory and other cognitive skills.’


Long-Term Benefits of using a Stand Up Desk

In addition to improving productivity and alertness, standing desks are known to benefit workers’ physical and mental health, long-term. Health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and unhappiness are just some of the conditions positively impacted by this simple yet effective environmental change.


Standing burns calories and regulates blood sugar levels

One study by The University of Chester suggests that spending an afternoon on your feet burns an additional 170 calories. One afternoon!

Not only that, alternating between sitting and standing every half-hour helps keep employees’ blood sugar levels steady. This means the sugar highs and crashing lows are better controlled.

The less sedentary time at the desk also decreases the risk of heart disease by a whopping 147%,according to the University of Leicester’s Department of Cardiovascular Sciences.


Standing desks make people happy

It makes sense – if you’re feeling healthier, more energetic, possibly even slimmer, you’re probably going to feel happier. So, it should come as no surprise that employees who use a standing desk (or combine standing with sitting) experience a greater sense of wellbeing.


Varidesk Standing Desk
Veridesk offer a fantastic range of Standing Desk products for your Office



Choosing Wisely – Market Research

The range of standing desks on the market is growing by the day – adjustable, motorised, mobile, free-standing – the list goes on. The quality of these products also varies, so it’s essential to select the right option for your workforce.


Our advice – don’t go for a one-size-fits-all solution. Know your people, your existing (and future) space, and how the right standing desk might enhance the experience of the two.


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