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Everyone wants to do more for the environment, and businesses today face increasing pressure to display a commitment to sustainability.


Office fitouts are an area where your ecological footprint can be significantly reduced, yet there is a common misconception that this may come at the detriment of creating a pleasant and productive work environment. Fortunately, eco-friendly and stylish are not mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to office equipment – use these tips as a guide on how to reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing the look of your workplace.


Go green to live green


Merit - Centro Head Office - Sustainable Green Wall

Credit: Design Desk


When considering the terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘interior design trends’, the first answer you should arrive at is ‘biophilic design’. Green walls, in particular, are quickly becoming a symbol of a forward-thinking company. Also known as ‘living walls’, they are comprised of a wall of vertical plants grown hydroponically and offer a range of benefits besides their aesthetic appeal. Green walls create natural insulation for the office, controlling the temperature and consequently taking a chunk out of your energy bills. They also offer natural ventilation and are conducive to an office with more natural light.


All about natural lighting


Merit - Sustainable Design - Natural Lighting

Credit: Design Desk


Green walls may be particularly attractive to companies looking to reduce their expenditure on electric lighting – which constitutes the most significant area of energy usage in many offices. Natural lighting can be welcomed through an open office plan and expansive windows, yet this is not always an option. Make an immediate impact by switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. They are a commonly available alternative that will reduce energy bills while keeping the office welcoming and bathed in light – a well-lit workplace has been shown to improve employee wellbeing and productivity.


Save water with style


Look into eco-friendly tap fittings to install in the office bathrooms. There are many energy-efficient options on the market that don’t compromise functionality or appearance and will save water and your bills – it’s a win-win!

What’s old is new again


Merit - Sustainable Office Design - Upcycle Furniture

Upcycled office. Image credit Trend Hunter


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your office furniture. Cutting back on waste in all areas of business operations is vital to a more sustainable future, and decorating your workspace with furniture made of recycled or refurbished materials is a great way to start. Where possible, opt for natural and biodegradable materials like timber, and commission the restoration of your own furniture to save money and the environment. Vintage options and reclaimed fabrics can instil your office with some personality if chosen tastefully to complement the existing interior fitout – think bright, modern lines accented by mid-century furniture.


The little things


Saving the environment is such an enormous and daunting issue that it’s easy to feel helpless. However, it’s vital to remember that everything makes a difference. Implementing cool office gadgets like Smart Power strips and TerraCycle boxes will cut down on energy and waste respectively in your office, and looking into sustainable stationery products like eco-friendly business cards demonstrates your commitment to reducing your ecological footprint to potential clients. Above all, implementing policies like Bring Your Own Bottle and incentivising green methods in the office will ensure that everybody in the company is working towards a common goal.


Designing for a better future


As reducing our environmental footprint becomes less of an option and more of a necessity, companies will begin looking at ways to improve the sustainability of their office fitout. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating elements of eco-friendly design such as green walls, refurbished furniture, and cool office gadgets that will create a stylish work environment and endear your company to clients and consumers alike.

Consult the experts at Merit Interiors for advice on how you can look to the future of office design and our planet by embracing sustainability in your workplace.

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