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Thirty years of experience as an Interior Design Firm has taught us the importance of planning for people, present and future.

At Merit, we don’t rest on past achievements and finished projects — however great they are.

For us, it’s not about how far we’ve come, but the excitement for what we are yet to achieve — the impact our designs will have on the people who inhabit these spaces.

Why Merit - Design Built Around People

Why Merit

Design Built Around People

Our designs nurture employee well-being and drive business productivity in perfect symbiosis.
We design from the inside out with people at the core. This principle allows us to take our clients brief and use our industry experience and knowledge to provide an innovative space that reflects best-practice design and our client’s culture.

We consider sustainability throughout the design process.

Whenever possible, we make eco-conscious design decisions like careful space planning, maximising natural elements such as sunlight for overall wellbeing, and by introducing plant life and strategically placed shading to lessen the dependency on artificial lighting, cooling and heating within the office space.

Throughout the building process, Merit recycles and disposes of all materials in an environmentally-friendly way, where possible. These design decisions not only benefit the planet but create healthier, more uplifting work habitats for people to enjoy.

Whether selecting materials, researching their origins or assessing how long they will be in-situ for, we think strategically about the products and suppliers we use in our commercial fitouts.

An empowered team

We are a family owned and operated business that values people above all else. We’re cohesive operators who push the boundaries of innovation, ingenuity, and influence to deliver office interior design solutions that do more than just fill a space – they inspire greatness in your people and culture.

The value we place on people starts within our own walls, empowering each member of the Merit Interiors team to contribute their expertise and energy towards the success of our business.


    Barry Bumpstead


    Barry founded Merit in 1982 and continues to lead the team to this day. His 42 years of commercial construction experience offers Merit and its clients’ invaluable industry insights which they use to deliver superior results.

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    Bill Murray


    Bill’s passion for cutting-edge solutions contributes to Merit’s culture of client satisfaction. With many years in the industry, he is results-driven and goes above and beyond to ensure that leading design and innovation is present across all projects.

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    Gemma O'Dwyer

    Head of Design

    Gemma is Merit's Head Designer and is dedicated to creating stand-out design that is fit-for-purpose. She believes great design is about more than meeting a client’s brief, but understanding the culture and dynamics of the business and its people.

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    Justin Phillips

    Principal, Design

    Justin brings local and international design experience whilst utilising his extensive knowledge of contemporary architectural design, practices and precedents when approaching any proposed project.Having previously worked for large Architectural firms in Australia, he brings considerable experience in education, interior fitouts, and retail projects.Justin’s main role incorporates client liaison and design from concept all the way through to the construction phase of a project. This enables the rigour of the concept to be seen all the way through the process to deliver above and beyond client expectations.

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    Kahli Jenkins

    Senior Interior Designer

    Kahli has a strong sense of design, an ability to develop innovative design and build projects. She brings over 10 years’ experience to the team. Kahli’s strong communication skills provide value and integrity through all phases of a project. Her passion for design and eye for finishing detail enables Kahli to assist clients in achieving their highest value of design in many different disciplines.

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    Mark Murray

    Client Relations Executive

    Mark has extensive experience in providing design and construct solutions in the industrial and commercial sector and has overseen all stages of project delivery, including design development, planning/permitting, procurement, construction and transition. With this exposure, Mark is well placed to assist Merits clients as our design team develops their concepts and then manage the build program of the fit out through to its completion and handover.

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    Natasha Taylor

    Senior Project Manager

    Natasha has 10 years’ experience in the construction and project management industry, with two years specialising in façade design and construction. Starting her career as a Para-legal, she has a vast knowledge of conveyancing, construction and contractual law. Natasha has managed multi-million dollar projects from initial briefing, through construction and completion, providing high-quality project services, advice and management. She has extensive experience in complex commercial and residential projects and has worked on multiple high risk and at high height projects. Her brilliant communication skills, enthusiasm and drive for excellence makes Natasha an outstanding Project Manager.

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    Susan Barker

    Business Development Manager

    Susan has accrued decades of invaluable marketing and sales strategy experience. She genuinely enjoys developing partnerships and communicating with clients, which has consistently led to her establishing key relationships and rewarding outcomes for all.

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    Jeanne Bumpstead

    Account Management

    Jeanne provides essential administrative support for the team at Merit. She ensures all business transactions are completed effectively and all in-house operations are carried out in a smooth, professional and efficient manner.

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Careers - Work with Us

Work with Us

The commercial interior design industry is an evolving space providing an abundance of opportunities for emerging and established designers.

It’s not in our nature to put a cap on talent, so we encourage like-minded people who share our design philosophy to connect with Merit Interiors by sending us a letter of introduction and your resume.

Forward your Resume

Registered Building Practitioners

Our attention to detail doesn’t start and end with interior design, which is why, as Registered Building Practitioners, we ensure every office fitout complies with building and safety regulations and is appropriately certified.

Registered Building Practitioner