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Creating an Agile Workspace

Supporting organisations now and into the future, our hybrid workspace solutions ensures your team thrives across every aspect of business

An agile workspace typically brings together a variety of shared and private spaces that an employee can freely move around, depending on the task at hand and the people involved.

Bringing together the most optimum working environments, an agile workspace is the way of the future!


More Than Just a Fitout.

Your office is a place where ideas are shared, relationships are built, and success is achieved!


What is an Agile Office?

Designed around flexibility, your agile office encourages your team to work the way they want

No longer does an office need to be either ‘open’ or ‘closed’. The solution is a balance between the two: meet the agile, hybrid workspace.

Agile office design is a fast-growing trend that leans into flexibility, comfort, and diversity.

The result? A flexible workplace that allows employees to thrive in a fresh and adaptable environment that helps them maintain their focus and productivity.

Your agile office space is made up of a variety of different work spaces, filled with the right tools and technologies, designed to allow employees to work the way they want on a multitude of tasks.

In short, it’s about providing a variety of tools that empower your team to work efficiently in an optimised work environment.


Elements of an Agile Working Office Design

Open plan

A layout growing in popularity, open plan is synonymous with collaboration and teamwork.

The open plan layout is said to improve communication and relationships, helping employees stay connected, break down barriers, and work together successfully.

However, it can come with some drawbacks, namely around noise and disruptions. As such, it negates the need for other elements of an agile workplace, as outlined below.

Quiet zones

Along with an open plan layout, however, is the need for quiet zones where employees can focus in comfort on individual tasks.

While acoustics are considered across the entire office, these areas in particular should allow individuals to disengage from their surroundings.

Quiet zones should be free from unnecessary noise, distractions, or other elements that impair an individual’s concentration.

Break or leisure spaces

Strike the perfect balance between work and play with a designated area for employees to disconnect from their work.

Break or leisure spaces allow your team to step away from their screens, enjoy their lunch, and relax alone or with colleagues.

Encouraging employees to get away from their desks ensures they take proper breaks and can come back feeling refreshed and re-energised, which in turn has a positive impact on their overall productivity, morale, and satisfaction.

Private spaces

Need to escape the distractions? Head for a quiet and private space in the office.

Whether for internal meetings, phone calls, or simply time by yourself to focus on the task at hand, private rooms, offices, or hubs are still a must for many types of offices – even agile ones.

Such private spaces can also be used for quiet reflection, meditation, or relaxation; an opportunity to simply pause for a moment.

Resource areas

A dedicated space for a range of resources. Employees have easy access to supplies like the photocopying machine, but this space is positioned to ensure that noise and traffic don’t cause distraction for those who are nearby.

Want to make better use of your existing space? Speak to Merit Interiors today about crafting an agile office space that supports your team.

Employee Benefits of An Agile Workspace

Focused on the output and productivity of your employees, rather than where they work, is the key to creating a comfortable, energetic, and positive work environment.

Increased productivity

As you’d expect, this is the number one benefit for both employees and employers, and moreover, business as a whole.

Engaged, comfortable, and focused: these are the makings of a more productive workforce!

Improved company culture

Engaging with their work enables employees to feel like they are adding real value, which creates a truly positive workforce who are proud to show up every day and deliver their best.

Additionally, having more freedom as well as control over how and where they work can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. Agile working is also a popular pull for attracting the best new talent.

Work the way you want

We all know that people work best in different ways, and that this can also be impacted by the specific task at hand. Sometimes, an employee may need a few hours alone to focus wholly on a task.

Other times, all hands are on deck for a lively and collaborative brainstorming session. No matter the task at hand, your team has the freedom to work the way they want.


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