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Our step-by-step approach ensures no detail is overlooked.

We're details people, who are also people focused; so when we start the office design process, we partner with you for the journey. Our thorough project management system ensures we have a sound understanding of your every functional and aesthetic need, the spatial and leasing parameters of your premises, and our agreed progress milestones, so together, we can deliver personalised office design on time and budget.

  • Understand


    From the outset, we’ll work through a process of consultation, assessment, and advisory. We’ll analyse the current space and determine how you intend to use it now, and in years to come, so we can begin planning the most cost-effective, practical, and visually stimulating work environment for you and your staff. This stage involves:

    - Tenant advisory
    - Space strategy
    - Feasibility analysis
    - Client engagement

  • Create


    Armed with a spatial assessment, floor plans, and insights from our first meeting, our interior designers will consult with you and begin conceptualising the environment you wish to create. We’ll provide you with innovative ideas and estimated costings so you can fully understand what is possible for your location and budget. This stage involves:

    - Consultation
    - Initial concept design and development
    - Costings
    - Planning

  • Translate


    We’ll present visual translations of our ideas - how your new space might look, feel, and function. You’ll see potential configurations, suggested materials, colour schemes, and lighting - all of which we’ll discuss and refine to make sure you’re 100% happy with our design solution. This stage involves:

    - 3D visualisations
    - Product specifications
    - Design into construction

  • Action


    We’ll negotiate a timeline of events so you know exactly what to expect, when it will occur, and who will deliver it. Detailed down to the letter, this plan will ensure all the elements of your project come together in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. This stage involves:

    - Project management
    - Statutory approvals
    - Contract admin
    - Project delivery
    - Quality designs

  • Maintain


    During and after the project, we’ll keep a close eye on its progress and ongoing ability to meet your longterm workplace goals. We understand the impact a work environment has on staff morale, capacity to expand, and overall efficiencies, and we’re here to support you and your business ambitions. This stage involves:

    - Periodic checks
    - Churn works advisory
    - Maintenance program