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Our step-by-step approach ensures no detail is overlooked.

We're details people, who are also people focused; so when we start the office design process, we partner with you for the journey.

Over three decades in the industry has allowed us to refine our process into a detailed project management system. One that ensures we have a sound understanding of every functional, aesthetic, and human element needed to deliver optimal office design.

  • Understand

    - Tenant advisory
    - Space strategy
    - Feasibility analysis
    - Client engagement

  • Create

    - Concept design
    - Design development
    - Consultation
    - Costings
    - Planning

  • Translate

    - Interior architecture
    - 3D Visualisation
    - Product specification
    - Design into construction

  • Action

    - Project management
    - Statutory approvals
    - Contract admin
    - Project delivery
    - Quality designs

  • Maintain

    - Periodic checks
    - Churn works advisory
    - Maintenance program