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Setting a New Benchmark for Sustainable Office Design

Thoughtful, sustainable choices are at the heart of Merit’s eco-friendly office design

Sustainability is a word on everybody’s lips.

From conscious choices in the home to multinational corporations with great environmental initiatives, nobody (and no business) is too big or small to make an impact.

At Merit Interiors, we understand that our clients have an environmental conscience to fulfil - which is why we engage sustainable fitout and design practices to ensure that together, our choices don’t cost the earth.

The right outcome begins with the right planning: with you every step of the way, Merit’s team of experienced interior designers and fitout experts help bring your vision to life, creating a hub that not only promotes employee productivity and engagement, but does so with a conscious mind.

More Than Just a Fitout.

Your office is a place where ideas are shared, relationships are built, and success is achieved!


What are Examples of Sustainable Office Interior Design?

Lighting and climate control +
Energy consumption +
Greenery +
Sustainable furniture +
A commitment to reduce your carbon footprint +
What are Some Examples of Sustainable Work Practices For Your Team?

Encourage your team with these small but mighty sustainability ideas for the workplace that minimise damage to the environment and reduce waste where possible

Sustainable suppliers

From your initial fitout to ongoing office suppliers, each company you engage within your eco-friendly workplace environment should be carefully vetted to ensure their beliefs align with yours.

Curate a list of suppliers you’re proud to share with your customers, consumers, and employees. And when in doubt, why not go to your own team for their suggestions, opinions, and insight?

Waste management

Reduce business waste going to landfill by encouraging the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle methodology. Make it easy for employees to do the right thing with accessible bins throughout the office.

Additionally, assess different aspects, both small and large, of business and the associated waste, from kitchen supplies through to overproduction, transport, and defects.

Consider if and how unwanted materials or waste can be donated to and utilised by other businesses.

Water efficiency

Get it right from the start with water-efficient plumbing fixtures for taps, toilets, and showers.

Mixer taps can also save water by quicking reaching a desired temperature, such as boiling water for a tea or coffee.

Moreover, explore grey water recycling systems and rainwater tanks.


When was the last time you had to print and physically sign and send a document in the mail? Chances are you’re already a part of a digitised office – even if you don’t realise it.

These days, thanks to e-signatures and the instant nature of emails, document and file sharing has never been easier – or quicker. Reserve physical copies only when required and keep it online wherever possible.

‘Green transport’ facilities

Encourage your team to pursue a green transport policy by fitting your office space with facilities to help them transition more easily.

From showers and personal lockers to secure bike storage, these investments can make a big difference to your employees and can also be a strong attraction for new talent.

Employee engagement

You know that your company is only as good as its people. Equip your team with the right knowledge, and importantly, clear and easy to follow steps that they can take to reduce their environmental impact when in the office.

Keep communication lines open and ask for feedback, suggestions, and ideas – people love to share, after all!

Empower your team with the knowledge and commitment to adapt. Speak to Merit Interiors to learn more about sustainable office design in Melbourne and Sydney.

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