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Berry Street – Workplace

Berry Street's transformative workspace: A 'home away from home'




450 sqm


Health & Workplace
Workplace & Office

As a beacon of hope for children, young people, and families for over 140 years, Berry Street stands as a pillar of support within the Australian community. With a commitment to safety, thriving, and instilling hope, Berry Street embarked on a mission to rejuvenate their level 1 corporate space into a nurturing haven for their dedicated staff.


The Challenge

Berry Street faced the challenging task of transitioning from their existing location in Eaglemont to a more urban setting in Preston, all while ensuring their core values and Indigenous focus remained intact. Time constraints, budget limitations, and the need to adapt to a new environment posed significant challenges. Maintaining a connection to nature and providing a supportive workspace for employees amidst these constraints emerged as key challenges.


The Solution

Embracing the concept of “Home Away From Home,” Berry Street is anchored by the foundational pillars of Connection, Softness, Caring, and Comfort. The space is thoughtfully designed to foster communal bonds and a sanctuary-like ambiance, achieved through adaptable furniture layouts, gentle illumination, and harmonious acoustics.

These elements coalesce to create welcoming zones that not only promote togetherness but also offer a sense of security. The space blends cultural designs that honour Indigenous heritage and acknowledge the site’s historic past. Intertwining cultural motifs throughout the space pays homage to Indigenous legacies, while also thoughtfully nodding to the historical significance of the site’s former incarnation.


Threading through Cultural Themes

Local artwork and Indigenous acknowledgments were seamlessly integrated, paying homage to Berry Street’s roots and the communities they serve. The interior design echoed the movement of water, preserving the connection to nature despite the change in surroundings. Alcoves provided designated areas for privacy and reflection, while colour psychology was leveraged to evoke desired emotions and accommodate neurodiversity.


Overcoming Challenges with Innovation

Despite time and budget constraints, Berry Street remained resilient in their pursuit of excellence. Existing furniture was repurposed to minimise waste, while sustainable finishes and energy-efficient lighting were prioritised. Creative solutions, such as utilising paint and partnering with eco-conscious suppliers, ensured the project’s success while staying within budgetary constraints.

In transforming their corporate space, Berry Street not only created a functional workspace but also a sanctuary that embodies their values of safety, thriving, and hope. By embracing innovation, sustainability, and cultural sensitivity, Berry Street has set a new standard for workplace design, reaffirming their commitment to supporting their staff and the communities they serve.