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Neami – Morwell

Indoor tranquillity, local inspiration at Neami Morwell’s Mental Health & Wellbeing space.


850sq m


Health & Workplace
Workplace & Office

The Challenge

Neami National engaged Merit Interiors to lead the creation of a versatile Mental Health and Wellbeing Local space in Morwell. Our mission was to craft an environment suitable for a diverse user base, including nurses and therapists, while emanating a welcoming atmosphere to encourage visits and seek assistance. The project’s additional challenge was to stay within the specified timeframe and budget, with a targeted launch by the end of January 2024.


The Solution

Our team boarded on an ambitious journey that not only met but surpassed expectations. Leveraging Merit’s distinctive workplace strategy program, Compass, we conducted comprehensive consultations to ensure that each department’s input was not only heard but also incorporated into our design. This approach fostered trust and alignment among stakeholders, significantly expediting the approval process and enhancing the overall result.

Throughout our in-depth discovery phase, we conducted numerous in-person meetings, surveys, and interviews, we unearthed the nuanced needs of guests, the overarching vision, long-term objectives of the space, and an understanding of the distinct users and their requirements. Addressing these multifaceted needs demanded unwavering commitment to meticulous planning and innovative design solutions.


Safety Considerations

Safety remained paramount throughout our project, as evident in the extensive use of duress buttons, multiple alarm systems, and swipe access controls. We optimised line of sight, minimised visual barriers, and thoughtfully incorporated egress doors. Anti-ligature features in the bathroom design were implemented to reduce potential risks.


Cultural Inclusivity

Our commitment to inclusivity extended to catering to a broad spectrum of cultures, exemplified by the waiting area’s wall mural displaying the word ‘welcome’ in various languages. This considerate gesture aims to instil comfort for individuals during their most vulnerable moments.

Neami forged a collaboration with a local Indigenous artist, seamlessly integrating our vibrant colour schemes with the rich cultural legacy of the surroundings. The artist’s intricate creations serve as a captivating homage to our environment, imbuing our spaces with an undeniable local charm and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.


Inclusivity in Reception and Facilities

Inclusivity in reception and facilities was a key focus in our design process, creating employment and consultation opportunities for people of all abilities. We ensured the reception areas were wheelchair-accessible, and adjusted bench heights to meet diverse needs. The space also included a range of work areas and meeting rooms to accommodate one-on-one sessions, as well as larger meetings and family consultations.


Creating an Inclusive and Serene Atmosphere with Nature-Inspired Colour Palette

Our design philosophy seamlessly blended pastel tones and natural elements, crafting an ambiance of serenity and inclusivity inspired by the Australian landscape. The Morwell colour palette embraced earthy greens, darker timber, and moody, muted, rich tones, evoking the beauty of the Australian outdoors. These selections were informed by extensive surveys conducted by the Merit team, revealing a strong desire for nature elements and colours in the wellbeing centre.

We carefully selected materials and textures to create a calming atmosphere, making the space feel like a second home for both guests and employees. The colour palette, inspired by the Australian landscape, ranged from soothing greens to soft purples and gentle greens, promoting relaxation and emotional stability. Warm timber accents added a comforting and homely touch, enveloping the entire space. In each section, from the communal lounge to the staff zone and consultation room, we meticulously coordinated colours and materials to enhance well-being, fostering a sense of care, balance, and unity. The outcome is an environment that not only exudes safety and warmth but also precisely caters to the needs of all stakeholders in these versatile multi-use spaces.



The project not only exemplified our dedication to crafting welcoming, secure, and inclusive environments but was also completed on time and within the allocated budget. This successful accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results without compromise.


The transformation of Neami National’s mental health and local well-being service space in Morwell, Victoria, epitomises our steadfast dedication to crafting welcoming, secure, and inclusive environments that prioritise the well-being of all. The timely and budget-conscious execution of this project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence across every facet of our work.