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A workspace that transcends the meaning of inclusivity and transformative design.


850sq m


Workplace & Office

Melbourne design award Melbourne design award

Influenced by Geelong’s beauty and rich history, the KPMG office is a testament to the transformative power of inclusive, sustainable, and human-centric design. Our team embarked on a remarkable journey, addressing challenges to deliver a project that harmonises with KPMG’s ethos and enhances their cultural evolution and influence in Geelong.

The Challenge

KPMG’s new workspace was a multifaceted challenge embracing their progressive ethos, external cultural influence, and meeting the demands of a flexible, hybrid work environment. We balanced tradition and innovation while prioritising sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Materials, market needs, timing, and communication played crucial roles in our design process.

The Solution

Our design approach tackled challenges head-on, pushing boundaries and harnessing the transformative power of design. We celebrated indigenous culture and prioritized community, connection, and wellbeing, resulting in a professional sanctuary that fuels productivity and fosters relationships.

By embracing inclusivity and knowledge sharing, we integrated a traditional ‘yarning circle’ flooded with natural light through a spacious ceiling opening. Curvaceous forms, coastal-inspired greenery, and indigenous artwork establish a profound sense of place and connection. Collaborating with Wadawurrung Traditional artist, Jenna Oldaker, we captured the essence of knowledge sharing and community through captivating art throughout the office space.

Sustainability was a priority. We optimised natural light, adopted an innovative lighting system, and implemented robust recycling and low VOC materials for minimal environmental impact. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility included repurposing materials to preserve the original design vision.

The KPMG project exemplifies our capacity to blend inclusivity, sustainability, and cultural heritage into a single space. It ignites inspiration, uplifts spirits, and empowers all who step inside.