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Morris Finance

Step into Morris Finance, where work meets well-being in a transformative environment...


1350 sq m


Health & Workplace
Workplace & Office

At Morris Finance, the vision was clear: to design an office space that would not only inspire productivity but also foster a sense of home and well-being among its staff. Our team embraced the challenge on creating a dream workspace for Morris Finance and its team.

The Challenge: Crafting a Home Away from Home

Morris Finance sought an office environment that would surpass employee expectations. They envisioned a workplace with a barrister coffee lounge, a cutting-edge gymnasium, and breathtaking panoramic views of Geelong. By placing workstations near the ocean vistas, they aimed to create a serene and energising atmosphere. The task was to build a second home for staff and craft an irresistible space to lure top talent.

The Solution

Our dedicated in-house design and build team seamlessly transformed Morris Finance’s vision into reality. With careful planning and construction, we tackled challenges head-on, ensuring a flawless and triumphant project execution.

Abundant natural light fills the premises, enhancing the atmosphere of the spacious coffee bar equipped with a top-of-the-line barista-style coffee machine. A touch of greenery brings nature indoors, fostering well-being and a revitalising vibe. Multiple break-out areas provide staff with relaxing and collaborative spaces. The state-of-the-art gym boasts cutting-edge equipment and a large plasma screen TV for training sessions.

The boardroom underwent a remarkable makeover, creating a unique and inviting ambiance. Its spaciousness, comfort, and distinctive elements foster a warm and welcoming environment for participants. Vibrant lighting, bench seating, and dual large plasma screen TVs facilitate collaborative meetings. Glass-walled closed offices promote transparency, while window-side booth-style seating encourages staff to unwind and enjoy breathtaking views.

By successfully meeting the challenge of creating a second home-like space, the project not only embraces staff but also prioritises individual well-being. This successful collaboration between Morris Finance and Merit Interiors marks our third achievement together, solidifying a partnership built on exceptional design and unwavering professionalism.