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Inspire staff with an office mural

While many people love their jobs, going to the same place every day—sometimes for years—can become trying. And nothing conjures up drudgery like a workplace that is visually dull and lifeless. A boring, grey office space dampens spirits and demotivates workers, compounding other factors like work-related stress and lack of engagement. But interior elements like office murals can give your workers the inspiration they need to stay driven. Just as plants create a healthy office ecosystem, wall murals are known to improve workers’ wellbeing. Here, we’ll look at four different types of office murals with the power to spruce up your workplace.

Office Murals to Inspire - Floral



Showcase your brand with a culture wall

A culture wall is a type of office mural that offers on-brand creative inspiration. They are visually interesting and draw the eye, and often combine imagery with text. When creating a culture wall, the possibilities are endless. You could use it to show off your business’s mission and values, or flaunt your logo in an alternative or quirky design. Your culture wall could reflect the mindset of your workers, or map your team’s creative process. Alternatively, use the space to show off your business’s reach using maps and diagrams, inspiring your workers and impressing customers or guests.


Make it personal with custom office wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper is a budget-conscious option for creating an office mural. You can choose a stunning image and blow it up to fit the dimensions of your feature wall. It’s convenient, quick to produce, simple to install and high definition in quality. Custom wallpaper gives your workers a break from blank walls, but it also offers other perks. It’s easy to clean and looks new for a long time. Best of all, it’s hassle-free to change whenever you want fresh inspiration.

Office Murals to Inspire - Food Pantry

Credit: The Mural Co


Be dynamic with LED video walls

LED walls or screens can display any digital media you want, from your company’s performance to soothing rainforest scenes. Opt for touch screen, and you get an interactive display that can be used in presentations and meetings. The benefit of LED is that the image quality is excellent from any angle, and in any ambient lighting conditions. For a piece of technology that adds so much pizzazz to your space, these displays are relatively low-cost to buy and install. They’re also energy efficient and durable, so you can run them 24hrs a day. Regardless of whether you use your LED video wall for aesthetic or practical purposes, it’ll impress and inspire everyone from staff to guests. Read more on Integrating Digital Tech into Design. (Link to earlier Journal Article)


Get the Melbourne look – commission a local artist

According to popular business magazine Forbes, art has emotional benefits in the workplace. These benefits are subtle yet powerful. Artwork provides contemplative inspiration that reduces stress and increases creativity. Using artwork for your office mural also gives you the opportunity to commission local artists for original and unique pieces. Not only does this set up your workers and visitors with something beautiful and mentally stimulating to look at, but it also connects you with your wider community. In a creative city like Melbourne, where art and art patrons are cherished in the community, taking on local art generates broad interest and appeal. In contrast with digital wallpaper, artwork can also add texture to your mural. With artwork that ‘pops’ from the wall, you get an added layer of aesthetic stimulation.

Office Murals to Inspire - Manhatten



Take your office aesthetic up a notch

It isn’t hard to see why creative office spaces have so many benefits. By complementing your workplace with an office mural, you get visual stimulation that inspires staff, reduces stress and improves job performance. Use office murals and artwork to impress your guests, and generate appeal within your wider community.


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