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‘Yarning Circle’ and ‘Mandjar’ meeting space at KPMG’s indigenous inspired workspace in Geelong

Merit Interiors triumphs with three silver awards at the Better Future Melbourne Awards for 2023!

Among the winners are our outstanding projects—KPMG, Intex International, and Workspace365—which have garnered well-deserved recognition for their innovative and excellent design. These remarkable achievements will be celebrated in the upcoming awards ceremony in Melbourne next month.

KPMG Geelong
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The Journey to Excellence

From brainstorming to final touches, our relentless pursuit of perfection shines through. With creativity and expertise, we transformed corporate spaces into functional masterpieces. KPMG and Intex International stand as prime examples of our ability to seamlessly merge practicality and elegance, while our work on Workspace365 has set a new standard for co-working environments.

Break out area at Workspace365, Geelong’s first co-working environment
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Collaborative Power

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visionary teams at KPMG, Intex International, and Workspace365 for entrusting us with their vision. Together, we have helped to reshape interior design, embracing sustainability, innovation, and functionality.

“I am thrilled with our exceptional team, whose unwavering commitment to quality is truly remarkable. It serves as a resounding testament to the collective efforts and passion of everyone involved, making it an incredibly rewarding experience.” Bill Murray – Managing Director,
Merit Interiors</span >

Office entry at Intex International


Kitchen space at Intex International


Breakout space at Intex International

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Photographer Credit: Shannon McGrath & Thurston Thompson

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