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Neami Whittlesea

Welcome to the era of inclusivity, where every mind is valued, and spaces are crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of cognitive abilities.

At Merit Interiors, we’re diving into his movement headfirst, embracing design features that enhance functionality and foster belonging for all.

Today, workplaces recognise the unique strengths and challenges of neurodiverse individuals, reshaping design accordingly. Picture a bustling office with noise-cancelling panels seamlessly blending with colour-coded zones, creating a sensory-friendly environment for neurodiverse employees. From adjustable lighting systems to flexible furniture arrangements, every aspect of the modern workplace is being reimagined through a neurodiverse lens.

Let’s spotlight our project with KPMG in Geelong. In their boardroom, we integrated slab to slab walls with sound absorbing wall treatments and acoustic sheer curtains to control and soften noise, fostering a tranquil atmosphere ideal for focused discussions. Prioritising sound management, we catered to sensory sensitivities and ensured clear communication for all attendees.


KPMG Geelong

KPMG Geelong
View the KPMG case study


Within Neami’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Space in Morwell and Whittlesea, we opted for pastel and muted tones to craft sensory-friendly environments. Research shows softer colours alleviate overwhelm and anxiety, particularly for those with conditions like autism or sensory processing disorders. Embracing these hues, we aimed to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported.


Neami Whittlesea


Additionally, within Neami’s Health and Wellbeing Spaces, we implemented dedicated focus rooms for individuals seeking respite from bustling office environments. These sanctuaries feature mood lighting. darker hues, and specialised acoustics, offering a quiet retreat for moments of calm and focus.


Neami Morwell
View the Neami Whittlesea case study
View the Neami Morwell case study


Moving on to our project with Intex International, we installed acoustic ceilings and incorporated greenery. This approach benefits neurodiverse individuals by creating a calming environment that reduces sensory overload. The acoustic ceilings minimise disruptive noise, promoting focus and productivity. Meanwhile, the introduction of greenery enhances the space with biophilic design, known for its calming effects. Prioritising
these features ensures inclusivity, providing a supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals to flourish.


Intex International
View the Intex International case study

Why incorporate trends into your design?

Diversity drives innovation. By embracing neurodiversity, companies foster inclusive cultures and tap into talent that brings fresh perspectives. Designing with neurodiversity in mind enhances well-being and productivity.


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Photographer Credit: Shannon McGrath & Thurston Thompson

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